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                           *** CLAN NEWS ***

-> Plz check out download section for cool COD downloads....
-> Delta(MOD) Is Now Available...Pls Download And Enjoy!!! :)
-> ^0+Delta.NeO^0+ has been recruited... :D
-> ^0+Delta.Smokie^0+ Has been recruited.. :)
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->Clan Recruitment is on!!!!!!!<-

Plz make an app on forum section if you are interested to join this clan......
After making app please wait until admin replies to your app<3
Recruitment would be very strict...In some cases you may also have to pass a test to get recruited....
Clan Rules are very strict.....Scroll down to see the clan rules...

->Clan Tags<-

--->Clan Tags Should be like the one given below and the colours in the tag are chosen by the admin according to you favourite colour avaibility.....This is an example of our clan tag...


You should put your name in the bracket and clan tag should be like above example^^.We'd love to hear some of your ideas and reviews about this clan tag.Plz you can also suggest clan tags at(Forums/Clan tags) Section.

->How To Make An App To Join This Clan?<-

First Go To Forum Section
Select Recruitment Forum(You would have to register to do so)
Make A New Topic.
Give The information according to the question other wise the app would be neglected.
Copy all The Following Questions below And Answer Them Serially.

->App Questions<-

1)What Is Your Name?
2)How Old Are You?
3)How Long Have You Been Playing Cod?
4)Do You Have Xfire/Teamviewer?
5)How Often Do You Play COD(In A Day)?
6)What is Your Name While Playing COD?
7)Which Country Are You From?
8)How Good Is Your English?
9)Do You Have Any Scripting/Modding Knowledge?
10)If You Had A Previous clan, What was It's Name?
11)Why Did You Left Your Previous Clan(If Had Any)?
12)Why Do You Wanna Join This Clan?
13)Have You Ever Been Banned In Any Server(If Why)?
14)How Good Are You In COD?
15)Would You Follow Clan Rules(STRICTLY)?

->Clan Rules And Regulations<-

We respect any and all players, weither it be noobs or pros. Don't be a pain in the ass and we're good. 

Hacking will result in an immediate ban. Count on it. 

Please do not multi-clan.

Players must be respectful and respect all people and clans.

Fun-War Will Be On After Clan Recruitment Will Be Off. So Plz Be Patient....And Server Will Be Up Soon Enough.

And Lastly No Discrimination And Enjoy...................

->Clan Motto<-

To Reach as Many People As Possible And Be Available For Many People And To Become One OF The BEST Respected Clan...

->Clan Information<-

1)  One of the Largest Clans in NEPAL!...                                (Diversity)
2)  Most Friendly Players!...                                                 (Humanity)
4)  Loyal to the game Since 2014!...                                      (Loyalty)
5)  Players United from Different parts of the World!...               (Unity)

Never blame your reload, Blame yourself as you have missed 5 times..

Thanks For Visiting Our Website........
 Plz Do Register And Become A Part OF Our Family And Share Your Views and Give Suggestion For This Clan..

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